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Industry 4.0 Made Easy contains everything you need to get started on your predictive maintenance journey:

  • Wireless FitMachine sensors
  • Industrial Gateway
  • Customised Dashboard
  • Machine trending and alerts via email and SMS
  • Installation & training fully included at your plant/factory/site
  • Access to online help, training guides and support from the friendly MOVUS team.
Continuous 24x7 

FitMachine is an end-to-end solution (sensor, cloud infrastructure, machine learning, desktop & mobile apps) that collects machine utilisation data and brings digital insights, to provide 24x7 continuous monitoring and minimise downtime.

Minimise Unplanned Downtime

Our machine monitoring-as-a-service model gives your maintenance team the visibility, relevant information and insights to act early on, repair only the machines needing attention and minimise catastrophic failures.

Optimise Maintenance Operations

The FitMachine - through its machine learning (ML) algorithms that monitor vibration, temperature and acoustics - detects when a machine is degrading towards failure and alerts maintenance staff. Maintenance teams can then schedule inspections based on need rather than OEM schedules.